Rundown: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Gameplay Interview – IGN Live E3 2018

Based on the comments on the YouTube post, I noticed that many viewers were expecting a demo gameplay of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The video post depicted just an interview about the game and gameplay.

This is what I learned:

  1. The game’s world setting was imagined from Japan’s history, the Sengoku Period.
  2. SEKI means one arm, RO means wolf, but SEKIRO is not the protagonist’s name.
  3. SHADOWS is Shinobi, another word for Ninja.
  4. DIE TWICE means you’re gonna die a lot.
  5. The protagonist is a nameless Shinobi who is sworn to protect this special 10-year-old lord.
  6. The Shinobi’s prosthetic has tools that can be equipped to it.
  7. The combat gear is your prosthetic and your katana.
  8. This game has a few similarities with Dark Souls: the game is difficult, the game’s world structure is closest to the very first Dark Souls, and the game has a familiar experience as in Dark Souls.
  9. Gameplayers pain (which results in the rage-quit feeling) was never the developer’s intent; the game’s difficulty is more for a sense of achievement.
  10. This game is not Tenchu because it would be as if FromSoftware is copying what another developer did.
  11. The inspiration of this game is from wanting an original game to be based on and related to Japan’s early history.
  12. The protagonist character that you see in these clips is a set character.
  13. Customization upgrades would be to the prosthetic.
  14. Progression through the game is decision-based.
  15. You can use resurrection as a tool, but this has limitations, and the game will not be easy because of the ability to resurrect.



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