Five Things I’m Most Definitely Thankful For

1. Being Alive.

I’m existing and enjoying where I am, what I have now.

My body is healthy and my senses are alive and well. My heart is beating. I am breathing.

Any day above ground is a great day!

I am writing. My hand is holding this pen. My fingers are pounding on this keyboard. I see the words I type appearing on this page.

I smell and taste my Thanksgiving Day breakfast.

I hear the morning noises outside, the music in the background, and the soft whirring of my computer’s fans.

2. Living in this big beautiful USA.

The opportunities to make a living abound in this country. We have our United States Constitution. We have our freedom.

My entire family is here.

Twenty-seven years ago, my brother and I moved back here from the Philippines.

3. My family.

I would not be here in this country were it not for my family. At the time, though they were separated, my dad and mom teamed up for my brother and me to move here.

Though we live apart from each other between the coasts, I know that my family is always there for me.

The only people I trust is my family.

4. Where I am now.

If it were not the decisions I’ve made, I would not be where I am today.

I am on a journey to pursue my nursing career.

This winter I will be a respectable college student attending my first class in 30 years.

I am excited and I am looking forward to all the best moments down the road.

5. Being able to write.

In the seventh grade at the International School in Cebu City, Philippines, I wrote my first article about cows. It was posted in the school paper on the front page!

After that I pushed my writing aside because I detoured to other life paths along the way.

In June this year I revamped this blog.

Writing is a habit now. I am writing daily and I love it!

I am not only writing for myself, but I am also writing for others as well. And it’s fun!

Thank you for reading this.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


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