Three Activities To Do With Your Parents Today

1. Hug them.

Who in their right mind would push away a warm, heartfelt hug from a daughter or a son? Ever notice how your heart warms up and makes you feel instantly closer to your mom or dad when you give them a hug? Wrap your arms around someone who has cared for you when you were a baby and loves you for life despite any disagreements you might have had.

 My mom and I argue about the stupidest things, but we resolve the arguments every time with a long hug.

 2. Communicate.

Give them a call. FaceTime them. Send them an email or text. If they’re in the next room, stop by and ask them how they’re doing.

 My mom and I do our own thing most of the time. She stays in her room enjoying her hobbies or watching a movie on her laptop while I write, read, etc. in my room.

 Sometimes I take a break and share something with her or say hi. Her face lights up every time.

 3. Offer to drive for them when they have errands to run.

This morning, I drove my mom to my favorite car wash place, Andres Car Wash and Detailing, so that she could have her car cleaned. Afterwards, we went to HoneyBaked Ham so that she could buy ham with her gift card. After that, we went to Vons so that she could buy her groceries.

 My mom was very happy and kept thanking me for driving for her.

 Last night’s events with my dad prompted me to write this post.

Last night, I received an unexpected text from my brother who lives in Michigan. He was in the hospital’s emergency room because my dad and my step mom were having themselves checked for chest pains.

 I felt sudden surprise and panic. I texted back asking if both of them were having chest pains?

 My brother replied yes. That my dad and step mom were in a vehicular accident. That there were two other persons with them: my step mom’s cousin and her husband, and that my dad was driving.

 My heart raced. What?

 I imagined horrible scenarios. Then, I prayed and hoped that they were all right.

 Within an hour, texts and phone calls continued with my four brothers, my dad, my biological mom, and me.

 It turned out that my dad and step mom were okay based on their CT scan, and ECG, etc. results.

 In the end, my brother brought my dad and step mom home. One of the passengers, my step mom’s relation, had to stay at the hospital for further observation because he had a heart bypass surgery. His wife stayed with him.

 Life is too short. Give your parents some love today because someday you or they will be gone forever.


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