It began on October 3, 2017

This post is related to “A lot has happened with me since October 3, 2017.”

The block quote below is my edited journal entry dated October 3, 2017. After receiving a 30-day review, I was emotional. This was how it all began when I decided to pursue a career in nursing.

I worked with the investigative firm for over five years. The reviews began when I screwed up on a approximately 31-page report. And, to be honest, it was not intentional. What could I gain from desiring to screw up the finished product? I reviewed the report I QAed that the client received. What I read disconcerted me! My heart sank. There were many grammatical and spelling mistakes! Somewhere along the QA process something went awry. I did not save my work? I must’ve done a collective undo and did not realize it might have affected my previous edits. I don’t know. I’ll ever know. But, there it was. This bothered me and I ruined my entire weekend thinking about this.

The following week, my boss initiated a 60-day review. I hoped I would pass the review with good results, then things would go back to normal again. But, that did not happen…


I had another review, which I think is so fucking stupid!

My boss could not make this review. He assigned someone else to review me, which annoyed me. I preferred that my boss review me because he cared, he’s experienced, and was trustworthy. He had a way of not making you feel bad. He would point out the good he saw in you. He motivated you to do better.

Now the issue was that I still make a few mistakes on my reports. For example, I overlooked an assigned objective from the referral on one of them. I’m at my goal, but per the reviewer, they still see a few mistakes (spelling, punctuation, etc.).

So, they’re going to audit my work for the next 30 days. Then, we would meet again on November 7 or 8.

Right now, I am so pissed. It’s not worth it any more. Especially, at the rate I’m making per hour.

Right now, I am feeling emotional about this.

I need to look at other career options now.

Be an insurance adjuster.


I don’t want to work for someone else any more. It’s time I work for my self.

So, I conducted my search. First, about being a freelance writer, entry-level freelance writers, earn money as an entry-level freelance writer, content mills, pros and cons of being a freelance writer, and read a dozen blog posts, etc.

I did not bother searching about being an insurance adjuster. I wasn’t interested.

My gut feeling says I should look for employment elsewhere. I know I will find a better job, a better paying job.

I love money. Money is my best friend. Money makes me happy and I want to make more of it, so I don’t have to worry about it.

I am done with being a quality assurance specialist. How about all the documents I QAed that were good? It’s like all they want to see is the mistakes.

The wise thing to do is get another job. Work freelancing, if it’s something I want.

After the review today, I do not feel like going to work anymore. Am I being too emotional about this? I mean, all I have to do is QA fast and with care. It should be an easy task right?

I was expecting to have a good review, not another 60-dayer, and yet, I got another review, but this time it’s a 30-dayer. A shorter one now, which means if this doesn’t not go well, then they would end my employment. I do not want it to go there.

Now, I’m looking at nursing. I’m not so keen on freelancing because I would be working by myself. No income plus no medical insurance for a while. So, its not practical.

I conducted my search on everything about nursing.

Does the career suite my personality?

How much money would I make?

Nursing trends.

Job outlook.

What a nurse does.

Schools. Training programs, etc.

Nursing sounds interesting and the best choice seems to be a registered nurse (RN). I have the personality for it. But, I have to make sure I am working at the same time.

I will ask Kim how she went about it.

Guess I have to be more focused than before.

What does this all mean? What is Source telling me? Where do I want to go with this?

For one, I would like to keep this job. To finance me while I am changing careers. Is this a heads up so that I can be more serious about my career and income?

It all comes down to money. I want to keep money coming in.

My goal is to keep this job. I have to keep this job. This is pushing me out of my comfort zone. So, completely focus and QA fast. I know what to do.

I need your help Universe/Source with the things I cannot control.

Before October 3, I never thought of changing my career and becoming a registered nurse.

The featured photo is from kaboompics.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and remember to be happy, healthy, and be safe!


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