Happy that Autumn is here

It’s been three weeks since September 22, 2017. I notice the terrestrial changes occurring.

Autumn, my favorite season, has a peculiar personality of its own that may be powerfully attractive. The commencement of a world of new sensations.

The arrival of hazy sun.

Cold moving mist early in the morning. I inhale the crisp air. Autumn smells like leaves in an earthy kind of way.

I feel the weather cooling down.

Today, according to AccuWeather, in Long Beach, California, we’re going to have a high of about 87 degrees Fahrenheit. I think that’s better than 90 degrees or higher. 🙂

Hot, humid, and dry odors are dissipating.

With this weather cooling down, there will be no more uncomfortable annoying sweating.

No more uncomfortable raging body heat. No more feeling sweat coming out of the pores on my forehead, nose, upper lip, back of neck, and entire torso.

Additionally, I’m wearing soft scarves more to warm up my neck. Clothes on my body feel comfortable as opposed to feeling annoyingly sticky with sweat. I get to wear my Uggs, leggings, and soft cardigans.

Aging and decaying are occurring. The leaves, plain and dull, are withering and dying.

But, in this Autumn they are reborn. Chlorophyll on the leaves change color to vibrant reds, russet, purples, terracotta, gold, yellows, and browns. Gold with a tiny hint of red.

The leaves are falling off the deciduous trees. Foliage winding down towards death.

With the cool weather I enjoy eating my favorite soups: split pea soup, beef stew, chicken tortilla soup, and chunky tomato-red soup, etc.

To recap, Autumn, my favorite season, has a peculiar personality with the commencement of a world of new sensations. The weather is cooling down. Ageing and decaying are occurring. But, there is rebirth.

I hope you like this post and share it.

My featured photo is by kaboompics.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and remember to be happy, healthy, and be safe!


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