The Reality of Daily Fear

Fear is usually there.

Fear visits me often throughout the day. It’s a pleasureless pilot, and an obverse companion in my daily activities.

Fear reminds me to be vigilant, careful, cautious, prayerful, focused. That someone or something might be dreadful, that an activity might be risky, etc. Fear causes me to worry.

I check that I’ve unplugged certain appliances, such as my mom’s coffee brewer, or the toaster.

I lock my doors when I leave home.

I pray that every member of my family is safe wherever they may be or whatever they may be doing.

I pray that my home is safe and still standing. So that I can unwind doing my usual relaxing activities at the end of a busy work day.

Fear is on the move.

I want to get to my destination alive, injury- and damage-free. I say a routine prayer, “Get me there safe the usual way: my body intact, alive, injury-free, and with my vehicle operating as it should, and not damaged.” I get very specific in my prayers.

I often do a visual check of my vehicle’s to see if they’re inflated to the specified pounds per square inch. I fear my tires might blow out while I’m on the freeway.

Fear sits next to me when I’m driving. I am completely focused and defensive when I drive. I drive to work between the hours of 5:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. Freeway traffic is usually light at speeds of 65 to 80 miles an hour. So, I stay about three car-lengths away from the driver in front of me. My eyes dart fast to the left, rear, and right mirrors. I hate it when a vehicle is side by side with mine. I either speed up forward or slow down backwards so that I have space around me.

I double-check that I locked my vehicle before I leave it.

Take your fear to work day.

Fear watches me when I’m working.

I lock the door at work. We have a second entry door that leads straight to my desk and to our QA Department. I like to lock that door. It’s because when I’m facing my PC monitors my three o’clock is square to that door. I fear that someone might barge in and surprise me. But, that’s an occasional fear.

Fear guides me during my work tasks. I like to triple-check my work to be double-sure that we send out an exceptional product. I fear that it might come back. That the product might have a ton of grammatical and or spelling mistakes. Or that the case objectives were not completed.

Fear is a Hitchcock movie.

Fear stands close by when I’m taking a shower. I recall seeing a scary Hitchcock movie where the female gets stabbed in the shower. This is when I have to force my mind to get this thought out of my head and outright say, no! My fear goes away, but I speed up my showering anyway.

So I’m a scaredy cat. So what.

There are fears that I have no desire to conquer.

I don’t swim or scuba dive, and I would not be on a cruise ship. Swimming is a definite no no. I almost drowned once.

If humans possessed the genetic traits of a fish to thrive in water, we would have built-in gills and fins.

Being on a cruise ship? Nope. I imagine the sinking Titanic and other nautical disasters.

I don’t like flying. Though I did a lot of it as a kid. But, after 9/11? Nope. And, if flying were necessary, I would have to be a devout Catholic through the entire flight.

Is fear ever a friend? Yes. I become careful, cautious, focused, vigilant, tactful, and frugal, etc.

Where did fear go?

When I am absorbed in my work, creating a photo, watching a movie, or writing, fear is absent.

When fear is there, I ask why am I having these fearful thoughts? Where are these thoughts coming from? Why am I worried?

What are you going to do about it?

There are things that I cannot control.

I don’t feel good when I have fearful thoughts. And worrying doesn’t change anything.

It can be difficult to push fear away. The fear is vivid like a movie playing in my head. But, I must not watch it. I must turn away.

In the end, I have a choice. I know that fear could cripple me, if I allow it. I don’t want it to control me. I do want it to guide me.

To recap, fear is present daily. Fear causes me to be vigilant, careful, cautious, prayerful, focused. Fear notifies me that someone or something might be dreadful. That an activity might be risky, etc. Fear causes me to worry. There are fears that I have no desire to conquer. Fear could be a friend. Fear is absent when I am doing something I enjoy. There are things that I cannot control. And, worrying doesn’t change anything. It can be difficult to push fear away. But, I have a choice. Do I let it cripple me or guide me.

I would like to know about your personal experience with fear.

My featured photo is by kaboompics.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and remember to be happy, healthy, and be safe!


4 thoughts

  1. Good post, fear is a useful tool for life. Unfortunately I allowed it to cripple me for a tad too long in life. Fear of unemployment, fear of losing my £40k a year wage and fear of going it alone. I should have never been afraid.

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    • Thank you. I know how you feel. I had a similar experience a long time ago to the point where I was afraid to go out of the house. Then, I got sick of feeling that way. The fear went away. I agree that fear is a useful tool for life.


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