Basic Intuition and You

Days before, I added a quote about intuition by Wayne Dyer.

Intuition is there.

Intuition fascinates me. I learned that it’s one of those things that others attempt to explain. But, really, there is no explanation. It’s there. It’s basic.

Each one of us uniquely experiences intuition.

I saw that quote and it resonated with me. One because I believe in God. Second, I believe communication is essential.

Trust like no other.

I trust my intuition. Entirely. It’s as if God is talking to me. To my heart. Clearly and loudly.

Do you trust your intuition?

On Amazon there was this stuffed elephant that I was attracted to. In the photos it was adorable and cute. I kept it on a wish list.

Something told me not to buy it, that I’m wasting my money.

I bought it.

It’s cute, but I regret that I bought it. I had this sinking feeling after I unpacked it that I should not have purchased it. It’s sitting on my bed looking adorable. But, I wish I never bought it.

Three years ago, I spent my Christmas eve at my brothers. He lives about 40 miles away from me.

Being that it was Wednesday, at 4:00 p.m., I was concerned with heavy traffic. I got on the 405 Freeway and merged with 25 mph traffic that sped up to 55 mph traffic. I normally drive between 65 to 80 mph.

I decided to take the CA 241. I was happy I did, after seeing the standstill traffic on CA 91 along the way.

To recap, intuition is fascinating and basic and uniquely experienced by each one of us. I trust my intuition.

I would like to know about your personal experience with intuition.

I hope you like this post and share it.

My featured photo is by kaboompics.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and remember to be happy, healthy, and be safe!


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